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About our light switch extension

"Just Out of Reach" is a Light Switch Extension for kids.

I was a stay at home Mom and tired of the bloody noses and cracked heads when the kids went for the light switches by hanging over the couch, stepping on things with wheels, standing on un-sturdy chairs etc. Also, to be honest I was tired of getting up and down 500 times a day to the yells of "Mom, can you turn on the light?" This especially hit hard during potty training time.

I had spoken of this many times to my husband who quite frankly was tired of hearing me complain so we decided to do something to fix the problem. I asked him if there was anything we could hang on the switch so the kids could grab it themselves.

We went to the store and started looking around but didn’t find anything. We ended up buying a few attachments that are meant for mini blinds, a handful of cap plugs and a random foam stamp I saw.

When we got home my husband went right on his lathe and molded the blind attachment to fit into the cap plug, which fit right over the light switch. I then added the foam stamp to the bottom and low and behold it worked! The kids were turning the lights on and off like crazy! It was great! The novelty wore off, but the main idea stuck.

The true added bonus were the smiles on the kid’s faces when they could turn on/off the lights on their own. They were so proud of themselves to have accomplished something. I didn’t expect that. It was a great feeling.

I quite honestly don’t know how I lived without Just Out of Reach. We made a few for the grandparents and other friends and they swore by it. That is how we got where we are today.

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