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Hear what our customers are saying about our product! 


I received your light switch extenders last week,and immediately put them in my son's room (he is 2) and in his bathroom. He was already asking me what I was doing.  I showed him how he could turn his own light off and on. He LOVED it!  He turned his light off and onseveral times.  I actually had to stop him he was doing it so much.  Then he
went between his room and bathroom and turned the lights on and then would ask him to turn them off. He had so much fun be able to do it by himself! It is wonderful to be in another room and him be able to turn his ownlight off or on. Thank you I really like your product. 

Jennifer Larkin
Kudo’s to Alicia from Just Out of Reach! I received two of her light switch extensions for my kids, and they are perfect! Even my small two-year-old can reach them to turn his
light on, and I no longer have to worry about them climbing on things
to try to get to their switches.

Karen Pryor

I just received them about 10 minutes ago!
They are wonderfully made and very eye catching. I can't wait for my son to wake up from his nap so he can try them out. Well actually I can wait for him to wake up. :)
THanks so much for your quick reply. Have a lovely day!


Tiffany Bigelow"


I just had to write and tell you how pleased I am with this product. I put one in each bathroom and my daughters bedroom, she loves it. It has given her what she needed to be more independent. She no longer has to ask for someone to turn the light on for her, so she can come and go as she pleases. I can't say it enough Thank You!! Thank You!!

God Bless,


"I’ve ordered from you once before, and I loved the light switch extension so much I want more for my home, and some for my mom’s home (grandma’s house). They really help my daughter to be more independent, which she loves. Thank you for verifying things.
Take care,

Ramona Gutierrez"

"We love the pulls. We ordered one last week and since it came, my two year old loves being able to go to his room and turn on his lights by himself. What a great product. Thank you,"
Molly, Fort Worth Texas

Great product! Can't keep my son from turning the light on and off and on...A++
Thanks, Herschel Everett

P.S. The extensions are well designed, and we are very pleased.
Gary and Brenda, PA

We have ones in each of our kids bedrooms, the bathrooms and the playrooms! We never have to worry about them using something unsafe to reach the light switch!

---Abbie P., Palmer, PA

These make WONDERFUL gifts!
I often give them for 2nd or 3rd birthday gifts or to older siblings who just had a baby brother or sister. They also make great gifts to kids that are just starting to potty train!

Melia P., Honolulu, HI

We had started out just having them in the bathroom & kids bedrooms....
until one day when I found my daughter with her step stool ON THE STAIRS going to our downstairs playroom! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! We put one on that light switch too right away!

Janice B.-Hampden, ME

My kids have such a sense of accomplishment being able to turn on and off the lights safely and easily ALL BY THEMSELVES! We love them!
Rebecca H., Lake Mary, FL

I love how simple they are to install & remove! We even take them on vacation with us! We also love how adorable they are & how many choices we had so that they could be matched to both our décor and children's personalities! Thank you for designing such an ingenious product!!!
Taylor M., Orlando, FL

Hi everyone! I just had to give Kudos to Alicia from She posted her intro sometime last week and I replied and welcomed her and then checked out her website. I am in the middle of potty training my almost-3 year old and her product intrigued me! It is a thing kind of like the rod you use to turn mini blinds open or shut, and there is a rubber thing attached to it so you stick that on the light switch, and then at the end of the rod is a cute foam figure!

You put it on the light switch so the child can turn the light on or off by
themselves!! IT IS BRILLIANT!!! !! One of the most frustrating things about
potty training (besides the #2 accidents LOL) is my son won't go in the
bathroom without the light on so I am having to go turn it on wherever he
is, even tho he will go potty by himself now. LOL

Anyway it was just perfect timing and then when I placed my order she took
care of it SO FAST. I got it in probably 3 days or something, it was

If you have toddlers or kids who are just a little too small to reach the
lightswitch, you need one of these!!!! I got one for the upstairs and
downstairs and don't know how I lived without it through the other kids!

Check out her site
It's great!!!!

Karen Clark, Story Time Felts

Thank you so much!  My boys absolutely LOVE that
they can turn the light on
or off theirselves without having to climb on
everything.  Thank you again!

"i just purchased one of these and they are TERRIFIC
debra cruz"



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